Hey, did you know there's a ratings system for video games? Yes, there is. And it's not the ESRB's fault when the clueless parent ignores the giant "M" sticker on the box and hands it over to 8-year-old Timmy because all video games are just Mario sequels. Thankfully, some politicians understand this, and according to Ripten, Pennsylvania State Governor Ed Rendell is one of them.

He fully supports the ESRB and he'll even take this support to television. The governor just teamed up with the ESRB in order to develop a special public service announcement, designed to educate parents on the ESRB's rating system. It will explain the ratings and how they describe the content of a game, which should prove to be a big help to parents who aren't exactly "in the know." The PSA will run on both television and radio, too, so it should reach a great many eyes and ears. Well, isn't this nice to see? An individual in a position of some power who recognizes the efforts of the industry to keep offensive and potentially dangerous material out of the hands of our children. What a novelty, and an appreciated one at that!

In fact, if you want to thank the good governor for stepping up to the plate on this issue, head on over to the Video Game Voters Network and send him a "thank you" message. He deserves it, don't you think?

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