Update: In response to this very encouraging rumor, MetalGearSolid4.net e-mailed the PSW editor for confirmation. It seems they got exactly that:

"At the time of writing the article a Konami rep told us a demo, the demo we played in our office for the magazine article, would be on the PSN Store."

So there you have it. It's true, as far as PSW knows. Bring it on, Konami!

Original Story:

Is it or isn't it? Ryan Payton – the Kojima team member who always lets us in on the juicy details – has said we shouldn't expect a playable demo for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . This was disappointing news for all fans of the blockbuster franchise, but the latest rumor says we can expect to get a sample of MGS4 within the next month!

According to a leaked scan from the latest edition of PSW magazine, the evidence is obvious: as it says at the bottom of the article there, "the stage played here will be out on the PSN Store in the next month." Obviously, this hasn't been confirmed by Konami and it remains nothing more than a rumor, but the magazine may have some inside info the rest of us don't have. Furthermore, considering all the recent news that says MGS4 won't hit any more development snags, a February playable demo would fit right into the time schedule. Well, it might be a little early, if that estimated June release date is any indication. But even so, for a game this big, for a title that could easily be a Game of the Year nominee in 2008, it would only make sense to drive the hype through the roof, correct?

We hope to get an official confirmation or denial this week, but if we don't, we can always point to this article and hope. And yes, we realize PSW is a UK gaming publication, but we seriously doubt there's even a small chance that a MGS4 playable demo would only be available in Europe. That'd be just…wrong. On many, many levels.

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