We've heard about the In-Game XMB Sony has planned for the PlayStation 3 – a long overdue feature, as far as some gamers are concerned – but that won't be the final iteration of the Cross Media Bar. No, Sony is looking to bring that sucker to a futuristic level, if Joystick Radio is to be believed.

Apparently, in one of those "a friend of a friend's uncle who works at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan" stories, it seems Sony wants to implement a virtual XMB interaction scheme with the PlayStation Eye at the center. This nifty feature would arrive towards the end of this year, and would allow users to browse through friends lists, music, photos, videos, games, and anything else on the XMB…all with the flick of a few hand movements. You know, like how those ladies in an all-white room opened the gates to Zion in "The Matrix: Reloaded." Of course, there is the disclaimer this "might be a rumor," so it's certainly not confirmed. Typical.

Anyway, the real question is- how many PS3 owners would be interested in doing something like this? It's cooler, granted, but is it really any faster to utilize the XMB in this manner? We get the feeling that, because your hand movements aren't an exact science like pressing buttons on a controller, that it'd actually be slower. Frustrating, even. But you never know; the coolness factor might override all and make it a truly sweet way of interacting with your video games console. We'll let you know if we hear anything more about this.

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