Originally, Xbox 360 owners were crowing about the exclusive status of Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , one of the better games for Microsoft's console last year. However, the crowing died down a bit when Capcom revealed they were planning a PlayStation 3 version, and there would be bonuses and extras.

Up until this point, we haven't had an official release date for the PS3 version. However, ShackNews is reporting that Lost Planet will debut on the PS3 on February 26, which really isn't that far off. The PS3 version will boast all the downloadable maps released for the 360 version plus exclusive multiplayer characters (like the hero in Dead Rising , Frank West and Mega-Man himself). We're not quite sure how Mega-Man works into the mix, but hey, the little blue gunner is always welcome just about anywhere he goes. PS3 owners may have to wait a whole heck of a lot longer for this version of Lost Planet , but with the extras, it should be a worthy addition to the system's library.

Of course, Capcom's other February offering, Devil May Cry 4 , will probably be a better buy for most gamers, but that doesn't mean you should ignore Lost Planet . Besides, DMC4 is out the first week of next month, so you'll have plenty of time to finish it and pick up the mech-battler during the last week of February. The timing seems just about right, actually.

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