We provided you with the NPD's December console sales yesterday, and the simExchange has further noted that the PlayStation 3 continues to narrow the sales gap in comparison to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"Our NPD Preview report stated that the prediction market expected the Xbox 360 to outsell the PS3 1.7 to 1 in a closing gap; actual results were 1.58 to 1, a significant jump from November 2007's 1.8 to 1 sales ratio," said analyst Jesse Divnich. "For January, the prediction market expects Xbox 360 sales to ring in at 358,000 units compared to PS3 sales at 229,000 units, a 1.56 to 1 sales ratio."

Of course, the Wii is still expected to dominate January, but both the PS3 and 360 have gotten closer to Nintendo's console over the past 6 months. Current simExchange expectations for January include software sales hitting $569 million, which would be a 13.6% increase in a year-over-year comparison. Leading software titles are expected to be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , Super Mario Galaxy and the soon-to-be-released Burnout Paradise , while titles like Devil May Cry 4 , Turok and Lost Odyssey should drive sales in February. Lastly, Divnich mentioned that with so many gamers holding on to their PS2, the "growth potential for the new consoles among the casual crowd is enormous." We have to remember that not everyone has leaped into the new generation just yet, which means next-gen numbers can only go up from here on out.

"…there are still many consumers who have still not made up their mind as to which next-generation system to purchase. It is difficult to indicate what is holding back these consumers from purchasing a next generation system, but to win over this market, the console manufacturers must make 2008 one of their most aggressive years as 2008's momentum will likely indicate the 'true' console war winner."

Oh, we have no doubt 2008 will be the year most all avid gamers graduate from the PS2/Xbox/GC generation to the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii generation. More big numbers to come, guaranteed!

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