The recent unveiling of Resistance 2 has caused quite the uproar in the gaming community, but as it turns out, Insomniac needed to clarify a few early points. According to Ripten, some of the facts were lost – or blown out of proportion – during all the excitement.

Thanks to Insomniac's Full Moon Show podcast, in which they talk a great deal about their latest project, we've got some new and very official info. First of all, they describe the 8-player online co-op feature as "freaking awesome" with enemies everywhere and cooperation required for survival. Secondly, in regards to the single-player campaign, the team has actually almost completed every level! Next up is "tuning and molding" the levels, but we just can't believe they're already at this refinement process. How sweet is that? The game really should hit this year!

As for some of the misinformation out there, which began with this month's Game Informer article- there appeared to be a new vehicle known as the Chameleon, which stalks its prey, but the picture was that of an upgraded Stalker. The Chameleon is not a vehicle; it's an actual enemy. Now, that very cool "random level generation" isn't actually evident in the single-player campaign, as it's only for the co-op levels. And to get more specific, the random generation will consist of "diversity, variety and set-up" alterations. Last but not least, new soldier classes are not going to be part of the multiplayer. Those different classes are also only for the 8-player online co-op mode, and not the kick-ass 60-player online multiplayer mode.

So there you have it. New details and some much-needed clarification. We just can't wait to get this one, and it's very encouraging to hear that Insomniac is so far along in development! Resistance 2 is gonna rock, plain and simple.

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