Say hello to this week's US PlayStation Store update, and it's chock full of goodies, including one juicy little morsel we didn't expect to see. Yesterday, PS3 Attitude reported that the playable Turok demo wouldn't hit the PSN until January 7, a day before the game's official launch. However, it's most certainly on the Store – we're downloading it now – so that was either a flawed report or a simple miscommunication.

Anywho, there are several other great additions to the Store that we already knew about (the MotorStorm track pack, for example), but there's still plenty of other stuff to check out. So here ya go-

Full Games/Demos

Downloadable Content



We'll have our hands-on of that Turok demo up shortly! 32%…33%…come on, go faster! You'll have to forgive us; it's a beast of a download (1133MB), so we're a bit antsy.

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