It's arguably the prettiest game in existence, but so far, it's only available on a super high-end PC. However, Crysis may be coming to the PlayStation 3 if the latest rumor from GamesRadar proves true.

Last year, Crytek would never confirm that the game was in development for the PS3, even though they did once say they had a "whole separate room" set aside for that. In other words, a Crytek-developed game for the PS3 is definitely going to happen, but it's not Crysis . But now, according to "studio insiders," the game really is scheduled to arrive on Sony's console at some point. It's supposed to be a direct port of the PC title with a few extra modes worked in, and it also seems the game won't be available for the Xbox 360. Perhaps it just doesn't have the power; maybe Crytek is only interested in the power and potential of the PS3. But as none of this is confirmed, we can only guess for now.

Wouldn't it be sweet to have Crysis on the PS3, and an enhanced version at that? In full 1080p HD with extra modes and perhaps a few other additions, it should be one hell of an addition to the PS3's library.

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