To say that this wasn't an incredible year in hardware sales would be downright stupid. More specifically, sales for all consoles, during the final December holiday push, were incredible all around. All eyes were on the PlayStation 3, and it actually managed to perform quite well – selling close to 800k systems in December alone. I find the PlayStation 3's numbers impressive largely due to the price differences between the Xbox 360 and especially the Nintendo Wii.

On that note, the Xbox 360 pulled in 1.26 million consoles sold – which is extremely close to the 1.35 million Nintendo Wiis moved. But the Nintendo Wii's numbers seem somewhat unimpressive largely due to the console's shortages. We're certain that if the supply was available, the Wii would have sold much more than the Xbox 360. Furthermore, the venerable PlayStation 2 continues to perform extremely well, as Sony managed to move another 1.1 million units into the hands of customers. Additionally, the PSP put up similar numbers, selling 1.06 million.

The cheapest of all, the Nintendo DS, continues to sell by the truck load, as expected, moving an astronomical 2.47 million. All in all, nobody can be deemed a loser for December, as everyone performed superbly well. But if Microsoft plans on making a bigger presence in this industry, they desperately need a unit to compete with the PSP and Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS 2.47 million

Wii 1.35 million

Xbox 360 1.26 million

PlayStation 2 1.1 million

PlayStation Portable 1.06 million

PlayStation 3 797.6K

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