A few days ago, Surfer Girl began the rumor that Square-Enix would be remaking classics for the PlayStation Store. This came hot on the heels of another rumor – started by EGM – that an unnamed Japanese publisher would jump aboard the PSN bandwagon.

Well, Surfer Girl is at it again, this time going so far as to claim that Final Fantasy VII will be one of those remade titles Square-Enix plans to bring to the Store. In a remake that should only include "graphical touches," one of the best RPGs in history might eventually become available to a whole new generation. However, this has nothing to do with the much-debated FFVII remake for the PlayStation 3, which would feature an entire graphical overhaul. Basically, fans would be looking for something like Advent Children , which we certainly won't receive if it's just a remake for the Network.

Late last year, we almost believed the FFVII next-gen remake would become a reality, but Square-Enix never announced it, much to the dismay of FFVII fans everywhere. To this day, all they will say is that it's a "possibility," but no such project is currently in the works. Perhaps it's far more plausible that they'll bring a slightly remade version of the game to the Store… Hopefully, we'll get clarification shortly.

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