We still have no idea if it will actually arrive in 2008, and rumors abound as to where Square-Enix is in the development process, but that doesn't stop Final Fantasy XIII from being big news. In fact, just about anything regarding the next entry in this legendary franchise is considered "big news."

Therefore, we're happy to inform all you RPG fans that, according to Forever-Fantasy.net, Japanese gaming publication Famitsu will feature some brand new information on FFXIII in their upcoming issue, which arrives in the land of the Rising Sun on January 25. There is the possibility we might see some new images, too. The last update we heard about this game actually turned out to be untrue- we had heard a rumor that the White Engine was making development difficult, and the game would inevitably be delayed. However, those rumors only came about due to a poor translation, and Square-Enix reaffirmed that they're having no undue difficulty with the FFXIII Engine. Obviously, this came as good news to everyone, because it meant we could still see this imminent gem this year.

Perhaps Famitsu will clue us in on a new release date…? All we're looking for is a release window, really, so if Square-Enix wants to confirm it will indeed arrive in 2008, that'd be nice. Any other info would be just icing on the cake, as far as we're concerned.

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