When a company says "we have nothing to announce at this time," many categorize this as a passive confirmation…especially in the video game industry where everyone loves to speculate. Late last year, several analysts predicted we'd eventually see Bioshock on the PlayStation 3, but developer 2K Boston has continually said they're not planning any such project.

But the rumor resurfaced in full force last week when 2K Boston posted a job listing for "programmers with Unreal Engine 3 and PS3 experience." Obviously, this kicked off a new firestorm of " Bioshock is coming to PlayStation 3!" exclamations from hopeful owners of Sony's next-gen console. VideoGamer.com wanted to get an official reply on the issue – don't we all want the official word? – and all they said was they have "nothing to announce at this time." Now, that may not be a confirmation, but it's a definite upgrade from the outright denials from late 2007. Remember, the fantastic FPS was developed with the popular Unreal Engine 3, which is Epic's brainchild and has been used in several PS3 titles to date.

It's certainly not impossible, what with so many previously exclusive titles going multiplatform these days. The esteemed Devil May Cry franchise is coming to the Xbox 360 for the first time next month, for example, and Capcom recently announced Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PlayStation 3. So Bioshock on the PS3 might make a lot of sense, too… Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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