Certainly one of the most anticipated additions to the PS3 this year will be that freshly announced In-Game XMB, which was revealed to be in the works at last week's Consumer Electronics Show. However, Sony wouldn't offer an actual release date for it, so everyone has been debating as to when the feature will arrive with a firmware update.

Yesterday, a pic surfaced that hinted at the possibility of the In-Game XMB arriving this month. As you saw in the photo , it appeared as if Resistance: Fall of Man was running in the background and the user was at the main menu screen. However, Sony has told CVG that this image is a fake.

"The XMB images are fake," Sony said. "There are no firmware updates planned for January."

Well, that's that. It looks like we'll just have to make do with a very vague "TBA 2008" date for now, but we'll stay on the lookout for more details. Those damn evil PhotoShoppers got everyone all excited for nothing, but hey, that's the Internet for ya.

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