Thanks to an early unveiling of the major feature in this month's Game Informer, we got a small taste of what to expect from Resistance 2 . But ever since then, we've been thirsting for more, and ThreeSpeech has obliged us by revealing a few more pieces of information for this highly anticipated sequel.

There are a few things we already know: it will take place in the US and feature randomized geometry, and there will be some super-intense multiplayer online action with up to 60 players in squad-based play. You can also choose from several classes: heavy weapons, special ops type for long-range attacks (sniper), and a medic. But here's the new stuff-

Resistance 2 is scheduled to hit later this year, which means we'll be searching high and low for more details as the year progresses. It will certainly be one of the biggest releases of 2008, and we can't wait for it!

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