EGM is great at starting hordes of rumors, and the latest issue kicked off a lot of debate in regards to the possibility of a Japanese publisher remaking old-school classics for the PlayStation Network. Everyone has been tossing out names left and right, but which one will be correct? Capcom? Konami? Namco? Or…Square-Enix? Personally, we kinda want it to be the latter, and Surfer Girl says it will be.

Yep, over at the Surfer Girl blog, somebody asked who the Japanese publisher was, and the response was simple- Square-Enix. Now, if this is true, there are a ton of timeless classics we'd love to see hit the Store for download. Secret of Mana , Chrono Trigger and just about any Final Fantasy would be fair game, and all of them would make fantastic additions to the Store's downloadable library. Now, we know what you're all thinking- if it's true, does this focus on old classics imply that Square-Enix is also planning some next-gen remakes? Like, for example, a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3? We know it's a bit of stretch to resurrect the rumor-that-can't-die based only on this, but that's how bad we want that remake!

Anyway, as soon as that mystery Japanese publisher is officially announced, we'll be sure to let you know. And if it is indeed Square-Enix, we'll be all kinds of happy, that's for damn sure.

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