Earlier today, David Jaffe revealed a plethora of information regarding the PS2's Twisted Metal: Head-On, showing us it's more than a port. Well, at the end of his entry on the PlayStation blog he said something that's going to get the Twisted Metal fanbase going nutty – a hint at the unveiling of a PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal game.

You read that right, folks. It doesn't get much more obvious as to what Jaffe's statement alluded to: "Oh, and have I mentioned that buried deep within this mammoth package is the answer to a question that TM fans have been asking us for quite a while now? No? Oh, well now I have. But good luck finding it! It’s buried pretty deep!"

Oh, David. Why must you tease us this way? Surely, someone clever enough will likely stumble upon this answer, which I presume is a teaser clip of Twisted Metal PS3. In the meantime, we can do nothing but wait until February, when Head-On launches for the PlayStation 2. Make sure you pick up a copy for only $20, because this one's packed with a ton of stuff.

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12 years ago

This game is going to own souls!
I've been playing this free version @ Shockwave for almost a month!

It will have to do till this comes out!!!

Play Metal Mayhem 2 here!

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