Rock Band was one of the biggest titles of 2007, and Harmonix continues to provide proud owners with more and more downloadable content. The latest update arrives this week, and as usual, we get three new songs to download and conquer.

This time, we've got "All the Small Things" by Blink 182 and two covers, one each from The Monkees ("Last Train to Clarksville") and Sweet ("Action"). We've noticed that a lot of popular bands perform a lot more covers than we realized, but that's okay; the songs should still be great additions to the game's track library. We certainly expect to see even more in the way of songs as time goes on, but this means you virtual rockers had best step up your practice sessions. After all, it's not like Rock Band shipped with only a few tracks; there was plenty to sample and master, and Harmonix is delivering more songs awfully quickly. Heck, at this rate, you could play only one game all year long…provided you and the rest of your rock group don't have to work, or something.

We'll let you know when they throw more songs up on the Store and Marketplace, and if you're not a fan of the aforementioned three, don't worry. More are on the way, guaranteed.

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