While it's certainly true that PS3 owners will be getting the previously exclusive Xbox 360 title, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , a whole lot later, the new version is also going to have several added features. We recently learned the PS3 version would include Frank West, Joe and Mega-Man from the PC version, but there's another tidbit of good news:

According to Siliconera, Luka will also be a playable character in the PS3 version of Lost Planet . This is significant because it's the first PS3-exclusive content we've seen for the game, and it'll help a great deal considering how much longer PS3 owners had to wait for this game. Now, in addition to Luka, we've also heard that we can expect other added content, like all new areas to explore in the game and a bunch of downloadable content. However, ever since Capcom made the announcement late last year, the game seems to have slipped off the radar for a bit. We just hope they put enough effort into the PlayStation 3 version because after all, there are plenty of other games out there now…

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PS3 is scheduled to hit retail stores on February 26. We'd like to check it out, too, because we'll be interested to see if this new version is worthy of the consumer's $60. If you haven't played it yet on the 360 or PC, we'd like to assume it would be.

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