Last week's Consumer Electronics Show was a good one for Sony, especially because they announced the imminent arrival of the In-Game XMB , which will finally allow players to access the main operating system while in the midst of a game.

However, they didn't provide us with a release date for the nifty feature, although they did say it would be "coming soon." Thanks to a rumor recently posted over at, it seems we might be able to expect the In-Game XMB sooner than we thought; perhaps before this month is over. Here's the pic that has fueled the rumor. As you can see, it shows Resistance: Fall of Man running in the background (see top bar) with a new set of options (including "Quit Game") in the menu screen. Yep, it certainly looks like what we'll see when we access the operating system while playing a game, doesn't it? Of course, this is hardly official, but it could be good news for PS3 owners. The sooner the better for this feature, we say.

We'll try to get some answers from Sony on this issue, and if we get anything specific, we'll be sure to let you know. But until then, just hope for a "very soon" release of the In-Game XMB for the PS3!

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