If you haven't heard of StreamMyGame.com , let us enlighten you: they're a community website that uses a new online technology called Game Streaming. They create "innovative, industry-changing products" for the PC and video game industry. And now, they have announced the release of its free Linux Player, which will let you play any PC game on the PlayStation 3!

This is a free server from StreamMyGame, and it allows PC games to be played remotely by first converting the game's video and audio into a Game Stream. After that's done, they send the data over a home network to a second computer where you can view and play the game with the free StreamMyGame Player. This second computer can be a PC, laptop, PS3 or Linux device, and it doesn't need to have the game installed on it, either. The StreamMyGame Server is available to just about anybody, as it's compatible with Windows XP, Vista and all PC titles based on Microsoft's DirectX8, DirectX9 and DirectX10. Yep, this does include last year's PC big-time award-getter, Crysis . The StreamMyGame Player is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Linux with resolutions that go all the way up to crazy high Super HDTV (3200 x 2400).

"Playing the latest PC game on the PS3 is now a reality at HD resolution and fast frame-rates," said Richard Faria CEO. "I have a PS3 in my living room and PC in my office and my two kids both have old PCs in their bedrooms. Now we can play games anywhere around the home. StreamMyGame's technology networks the power of a main PC so it can be used to play high end games on other PCs, PS3s and Linux devices."

Come March, StreamMyGame will broaden its horizons a bit by enabling games to be played remotely over broadband networks that have "sufficient capacity" (like Verizon's FiOS or British Telecom's FTTP). It's certainly an ambitious idea, so if you want to make your PS3 more capable than ever, check it out.

Register for free at StreamMyGame

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