Next to Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 , Propaganda Games' Turok could be the biggest February release in gaming. With a serious level of brutal action combined with a robust online multiplayer feature (or so we've heard), the game is shaping up to be one of the most entertaining titles of 2008 so far.

According to, the developers have provided a list of some of the nasty enemies – most of which are dinosaurs – that we'll find in Turok , and it's quite lengthy. Check out the list, and be on the lookout for these suckers when you enter this dangerous world!

Some of these selections are very interesting, because a few can't be threatening – they're herbivores – and they'll simply contribute to the atmosphere. For example, we can't imagine how Compsognathus (a small, slight dinosaur the size of a chicken) or Brachiosaurus (a giant leaf-eater) would be a danger to us, but they'll certainly be impressive to see. The Lurker is entirely fictional, for example; it's supposed to be a cross between a dinosaur and jungle cat of some kind. And what the heck is a juvenile T-Rex…? Anyway, stay tuned for more on Turok ; our interview with Propaganda is on the way!

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