Remember when the latest Kojima Podcast said Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots wouldn't be experiencing any more delays ? Well, they weren't kidding around; it wasn't just some promotional stunt to get everyone excited again. Konami is starting to wrap up development on this bad boy!

According to assistant producer Ryan Payton, the game has finally entered the "last push" and is indeed slated to arrive in that previously confirmed Q2 launch window in all major territories. It is also "playable from start to finish," and that's the first time we're hearing such a report. This is especially good news for PS3 owners in the US and UK, primarily because there has always been some question as to whether or not the game would hit Japan first. It seems we'll be looking at a worldwide release, which is exactly what everyone wants. Also remember that Metal Gear Online will be included with MGS4, although we're still a little confused on that issue…what exactly is the "Starter Pack" for MGO? We're looking for more details, and when we find them, we'll be sure to let you know.

We've also heard that Kojima Productions is planning an "Emergence Day" marketing strategy, which means everyone will get a massive press release containing the finalized release date and all the concrete information we've all been waiting for. Let's hope that arrives soon!

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