Ever since Insomniac finished up Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and started on Resistance 2 , we've been anxiously awaiting any and all details they wished to divulge. Well, it appears that the upcoming edition of Game Informer contains a huge unveiling of the game, and damn…the information will be enough to make you drool. Get a napkin, folks.

Much of the article is revealed in a thread over at the NeoGAF forums, and first up, we learn something we already knew- Resistance 2 will take place in the US. However, we weren't sure if Nathan Hale would be returning as the main character, and as it turns out, he will be (we knew it!). The game will also boast one story-based campaign – co-op for two players included – and a campaign for 8 players online. But speaking of online play, this is where the big news comes in. We at PSXE are big fans of the original title's online play, so we're pretty darn excited to hear about these unbelievable features.

While Resistance: Fall of Man can support up to 32 players online, Insomniac is taking things up a notch with the sequel: up to 60 players can compete on dedicated servers, with lobbies for individual squads. That's just insane. We'll also be getting a more robust online experience, as there will be classes (Heavy, Special Ops, Medic, etc.), "partial randomized geometry," and of course, the best stat-tracking anywhere courtesy of MyResistance.net. Last but certainly not least, the release is actually set for Fall 2008, so Resistance 2 just became an automatic Game of the Year candidate. No, seriously. It really, really is. We can't wait to hear more about this one!

Just to recap the revealed features:

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