One of the primary differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has always been the lack of achievements on Sony's next-gen platform. Achievements are mini-goals to tackle and accomplish in any given game (20 headshot kills in a FPS or 2 interceptions with the same player in a football game, for example), and they're exclusive to the 360. However, Sony users have been clamoring for this feature and they're not only going to get it, they should be getting something more .

According to Kotaku and PlayStation Network boss Eric Lempel, PS3 achievements – perhaps they'll be called something else, but whatever – are right around the corner. Not surprisingly, the feature will arrive with the implementation of the highly anticipated online service, PlayStation Home.

"I know that an achievement system is very important to our consumers," said Lempel. "With Home, and in addition to Home, we have some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score."

Oh, I know! We succeed in completing a super-hard task, and we're automatically given a free download on the PlayStation Store! Or maybe it can unlock secret content in the game we're playing…? The possibility of rewards is potentially endless, and PS3 owners should be excited. As soon as we have any idea what "going beyond a single score" actually means, we'll be sure to let you know.

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