Yesterday, we learned that Sony would be halting shipments of the 20GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 models to Japan, but that wasn't the biggest news gleaned from that Reuters article. We figured this would happen – heck, it has already happened here in North America – but we didn't realize the 40GB PS3 might not be the last version of Sony's next-gen gaming console.

The report said that Sony will release later models in the future that would "respond to end-user preferences." First of all, is this only for Japan? And secondly, when might we be seeing these new PS3 models? We wanted to get some answers, because this is the kind of news that consumers surely want to hear about. So we contacted SCEA to see what they had to say.

"We have already stopped shipping these in the US and have been focused on the 80 and 40GB configurations which are currently at retail," said SCEA's Alex Armour. "As we've said, we will also continue to read and evaluate market trends and communicate with consumers to determine appropriate configurations for each territory."

When the 40GB model shipped, we knew Sony would eventually phase out the other models. Evidently, too many of us assumed they'd be sticking with the 40GB PS3 for the duration of the generation, but that's clearly not true. So basically, depending on consumer demand, we will indeed be seeing different PS3 models for certain regions…again, depending on the "market trends." So keep a sharp eye out, ladies and gents…

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