When we learned that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had been delayed past its original November 2007 release date, we were disappointed. Could you blame us? It didn't help that all we had was a tentative "Q2 2008" release date for the blockbuster title, but now, it seems we can rejoice once again.

According to the latest Kojima Podcast, there will be no further delays for MGS4; the game's assistant producer, Ryan Payton, says that while there is still no official date, Q2 2008 is accurate. Nope, no more delays! He says the "entire team is committed" to hitting that release window, and even admitted that Kojima himself was embarrassed by the fact MGS4 slipped into this year. Therefore, they're not about to issue another release date without being absolutely certain they won't disappoint their fans again. GameStop and other retailers have given the game a June 17 launch date, but Konami won't commit to that at this time. Q2 is what they're shooting for, and it now appears clear they'll make it.

Heck, maybe we'll even get it before June 17; you never know. But at the very least, we shouldn't be hearing any more unfortunate delay announcements regarding MGS4. Bring it on, Konami!

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