It seems that Sony has decided to usher in the new year by reinforcing their decision to stick with the newly released 40GB PlayStation 3 model. …or have they? According to Reuters, the mega-global electronics corporation announced they would be stopping shipments of the 20GB and 60GB PS3 to Japan. But that's not the biggest news, evidently.

Sony wanted to make it clear that the 40GB model wouldn't be the only machine available in Japan forever. In fact, it seems as if they will release more models in the future that would "respond to end-user preferences." Does this mean we're looking at yet another version of Sony's next-gen machine? When, and for what regions, exactly? Currently, the 40GB model, which launched in November 2007 in Japan, sells for 39,980 yen (about $364), which of course is actually lower than the 20GB's 44,980 price tag. But what we're really interested in is that prior statement that everyone seems to have missed. They "will" release more models in the future? We were led to believe the 40GB model is the final iteration of this machine, but perhaps that's not true…

Then again, this news only applies to Japan, so maybe Sony is only planning different models for that region. Nothing was mentioned about the US or North America, you may notice. Either way, though, the announcement of more PlayStation 3 models in the future will either excite or annoy consumers, depending on your situation. If you've already got the 40GB 'cuz you thought this would eventually be the one-and-only – like Sony said – than you might fall into the latter group, for example. Guess we'll just have to wait and see on this one.

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