Ever since the announcement of Metal Gear Online , we've been wondering if Konami would include this online multiplayer game with their upcoming blockbuster, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . It'd be one of the best 2-for-1 deals on the planet if they did it, and thanks to a confirmation at CES 2008, it appears it will actually happen!

However, the official word is that MGS4 will include an MGO "starter pack." We don't yet have all the details on this pack, but according to GameSpot, “there will be an element of the online component within Metal Gear 4, to capture that online experience.” Perhaps this means MGS4 owners will have the first portion of MGO and the rest of the game will become available as downloads on the PlayStation Store. And as we've heard no news regarding a price increase, we assume MGS4 plus the MGO starter pack will cost the standard $59.99.

There are many questions that have yet to be answered (how many maps come in the Starter Pack, how soon will future updates and additions be available for download/purchase, and how much extra will they cost, etc.). But for now, let's just be happy that we get a very nice bonus with our purchase of MGS4.

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