The Sixaxis design isn't all that different from the Dual Shock design, but there is one alteration that hasn't gone over too well: the removal of the R2 and L2 buttons to be replaced with R2 and L2 triggers. This would be fine, but the layout of the controller often means a player's fingers will slip off those "half-triggers," and it's something we noticed right away in our analysis of the PlayStation 3 at launch time.

However, KillzoneUnit has stumbled upon the third-party "Non-Slip Trigger Enhancement for the PS3" by third-party manufacturer, Gioteck. It's a simple fix, really. All you do is slip on these little pieces of plastic that look exactly like triggers and voila! You've got a no-slip trigger for both the R2 and L2 functions, and that's great for certain games that require the pressing (and holding) of those buttons. KillzoneUnit tested out the add-on with games like MotorStorm , Resistance: Fall of Man and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , and they've concluded this extremely straightforward fix works very well. Perhaps the best part is that these little add-ons can be removed at any time; certain games just don't require the R2 or L2 buttons, so it won't make a difference, obviously.

As of now, Giotech's site is under construction, so it could be a challenge to find the "Non-Slip Trigger Enhancement." But make sure you keep checking back at if you're one of those frustrated individuals who believed Sony should've simply kept the R2/L2 style from the Dual Shock. The answer is here!

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