Anything Grand Theft Auto IV -related is big news, even if it's just a minor rumor. Then again, considering Rockstar's silence and the possibility of an imminent release date (rather than just a release estimate), this rumor may be more than minor.

The Internet quickly latched onto the announcement that said a fourth GTAIV trailer was on the way; the report appeared at German website but was quickly removed. Now, this has led to much debate, of course. Some believe they were forced to take it down because it was true, and Rockstar wasn't ready to divulge the information. Others simply believe the report was false in the first place, which is the reason for the article's removal. But whatever the reason, those who are eagerly anticipating GTAIV are now scanning gaming websites for any info regarding a fourth trailer.

Rockstar still says the game will arrive during the second quarter of the company's fiscal year, which means GTAIV hits store shelves any time between February and the end of April. However, considering how close this is, an actual release date should be just around the corner. Could a fourth trailer also reveal this final detail? Is that the reason for Rockstar going mute on the rumor? Is it why Cynamite was forced to take down that report? We'll see what we can find out, but in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled!

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