Fans of last year's solid off-road racer, MotorStorm , are already clamoring for a sequel, despite all the additional content they've been getting for the original. Well, Ryan over at Evolution Studios recently made a post about the GUI (Graphical User Interface) they're currently grinding away on for MotorStorm 2 .

Evidently, they've been working on the new design for "several months" already, as they've decided to "completely start from scratch." Rather than consolidate his explanation into a text-heavy jumble, we'll just let him do the describing-

"We've approached the design of the GUI from a fresh angle and I think we've come up with something pretty impressive, both functionally and artistically. At the moment we have a solid design and a basic, functional GUI comprised of placeholder art and text, nothing to write home about! However, we are just about to get started on implementing the incredible art that the Graphic Design team has come up with so we can start getting a real sense of how the GUI will finally work, both visually and functionally. Unfortunately I can't go into any more detail than that at the moment, but I'll be writing more on this as we move further along in development."

It's always nice when developers keep gamers apprised of their efforts, especially when it comes to a game as popular as MotorStorm 2 is going to be. We hope to hear and see more about this one in the very near future; perhaps we'll receive this sequel in 2008…?

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