The Blu-Ray surge continues, as New Line Cinema has confirmed earlier reports that it would make the exclusive jump to Sony's high-definition format.

According to High-Def Digest, New Line now says its first HD-DVD title, "Pan's Labyrinth," will also be its last. Most people predicted this would happen, considering New Line's parent company is Time-Warner, but few realized the move would happen immediately. New Line isn't wasting any time; they've canceled all upcoming HD-DVD releases (like "Rush Hour 3" and "Hairspray," both already available on Blu-Ray), and they're discontinuing production of the "Pan's Labyrinth" HD-DVD. They won't be releasing an official press release announcing this move, though, so they'll just let their very brief HD-DVD support die out quietly.

New Line has no new Blu-Ray revealings at this time, but they do plan to support Blu-Ray throughout 2008 and beyond with "a variety of new release and catalog titles to be announced in the future." Yet another studio has bolstered Blu-Ray's position even more, so now we wait to see if the other big boys – Paramount and DreamWorks – feel like joining the party…

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