Many of us are no doubt aware of the finger-pointing parents have been recently aiming towards fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's. Clearly, these parents should be blaming their horrid parenting skills for their child's obesity, and perhaps no take Jimmy or Jill to the restaurant everyday.

Well, McDonald's UK Chief Executive, Steve Easterbrook, says that while their food may make people gain weight, videogames are also the problem. Well, that's certainly an unexpected and awkward response (not that he's wrong). Why play the blaming game? Why not just address the issue as it is: crappy parents. It's bad for publicity, I know, I know.

In any case, Easterbrook had this statement to make: “The issue of obesity is complex and is absolutely one our society is facing, there’s no denial about that,” he says. “But if you break it down I think there’s an education piece: how can we better communicate to individuals the importance of a balanced diet and taking care of themselves? Then there’s a lifestyle element: there’s fewer green spaces and kids are sat home playing computer games on the TV when in the past they’d have been burning off energy outside.”

I'm not going to disagree with the man, because he is right. But to try and avert the attention elsewhere is a little dimwitted and cowardly. Address the issue head-on by blaming the parents, or leave it alone. In any case, it should be noted that I eat McDonald's and, clearly, play videogames, though somehow I don't fall into any of this. And I'm not terribly active either. Maybe Ronald McDonald's got it wrong?

Let's just blame metabolisms!

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