Sony continued its strong CES 2008 showing by making an announcement that, in many gamers' eyes, is a long time coming- the PlayStation 3 will be getting in-game XMB functionality at some point in the near future.

Ever since the system's launch in late 2006, one of the biggest drawbacks of the PS3 has been the fact that users couldn't access the console's operating system while playing a game. This is something Xbox 360 owners have been able to do for a while, so of course, PS3 users were a touch annoyed. However, all of this is about to change (even though we don't know exactly when). Before long, the XMB will be available even during gameplay, which means we'll finally be able to utilize features like custom soundtracks and instant messaging. The opportunities are endless, and this addition is just another step in the upward trek of the PS3…a trek that should continue at a rapid clip in 2008.

We'll let you know as soon as Sony announces the launch of in-game XMB functionality; we're hoping it'll be soon. They wanted to use CES to focus on hardware, though, so they wouldn't provide any additional details at this time.

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