Folklore was one of the most under-appreciated games of 2007, but the developers continue to reward its fans with plenty of new content. And now, according to the game's associate producer, Eric Fong, two more downloadable add-on packs are right around the corner!

The first, which is actually the third add-on, is "The Alchemist Pack," in which Ellen adventures to the Undersea City in search of her mother. A few other quests will be included as well, and you'll be collecting stones for a mysterious alchemy experiment and clearing a path to the Elevator in Hell Realm. A brand new Folk – Scarab – and a new outfit for Ellen (a cute, "Faery-inspired" piece) will also be included in the pack.

The fourth add-on is "The Origin of Belgae," where the door to the Netherworld isn't closed and the player can partake of four more quests into the unknown. Here, you'll be challenged with completing the "rites of the ancient messenger" and finding out what keeps making a terrible noise in the dark. Ellen will have the benefit of the "Cloak of the Deep," and she'll be able to defeat and use another new Folk, called Radian. Both the third and fourth add-on packs will be available for $3.99 each, or you can nab 'em both for $5.99. Hopefully, both will hit the Store within the next week or so. Also, don't forget about the free holiday-themed add-on pack; it's still available for download.

We'll keep you updated whenever they decide to issue more extra content for one of our favorite games of 2007.

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