It's true that the PlayStation 3 version of EA's Madden NFL 08 is inferior to the Xbox 360 version, but the developer has worked to fix a few issues since its release last year. The latest patch has already been available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the 360 version, but it will now hit the PlayStation Store this morning.

Apparently, the patch finally "cleared certification" and this is what the update addresses:

Fumble Fix – This simply means we won't be fumbling as much in certain game situations. It's good news, considering how often we fumbled before this…it was just plain silly, sometimes.

DB Reactions – Specifically, this should alter how the defensive backs play man-to-man coverage. Defenders won't be able to react to passes they can't see, for example, which is a damn good upgrade.

QB “Moonwalk” – You may have noticed quarterbacks (like Brett Favre) "moonwalking" towards the sidelines during gameplay, but that out-of-place – yet still stylish – move will now be gone.

Hook Zone Flip Bug – Before, you'd flip plays with hook zones and the player would "fall out" of their zones. Turns out, this was an easy fix and it won't happen anymore.

Online Game Reporting – There were a few problems, including players not getting the correct number of ranking points for a win, inaccurate stats, etc. But thankfully, they've repaired this little issue, too.

Franchise Fix – Fixed NCAA import issue where players would turn 26.

Franchise Fix – Fixed bug where HOF Unlocked players cannot be released in Franchise mode.

Franchise Fix – Fixed bug where the Free Agent pool would run out of certain positions.

Now, if only EA can shape up and release some PS3 titles that aren't significantly lacking, we'd be all set.

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13 years ago

SO…how do I download a patch?

[email protected]

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