Even though people were a little annoyed that the Unreal
Tournament III mod tool didn't launch simultaneously with the PS3
version, it's finally here. Just a few short weeks after
releasing Unreal Tournament III on the PlayStation 3, Epic Games
has made their much anticipated authoring tool available. This
tool will require the PC version of Unreal Tournament III, and
its purpose will be to convert PC UTIII content, into PlayStation
3 based content.

This means mods such as third-person perspective, Master Chief as
playable character, the re-creation of Facing Worlds, and more.
The possibilities are endless. Weirdly enough, the link to the
patch seems to have disappeared from the official Epic site – but
it should be back up shortly. Still, you can download the PS3 Mod
Tools from this Unreal

. And the link to the official
site with the


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