So, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for HD-DVD, following Warner Bros. departure, now comes word that a mega retailer will begin carrying Blu-Ray movies exclusively. During a press conference held by Philips at the 2008 Computer Entertainment Show in Las Vegas, President Stewart Muller took the stage and after revealing a range of products, Muller stated that Target will be carrying Blu-ray exclusively. While we weren't in attendance, mega-blog Engadget was.

Now, this very same rumor has circulated for months now, and after seeing HD-DVD lose a large chunk of shelf-space, the rumor began to sound plausible. It may be coming out of the blue, and it's still unofficial, since Target has yet to announce anything themselves. Some anecdotal testimonials state seeing Target employees filing up carts with HD-DVD movies – possibly removing them from being sold. So perhaps if you have a Target nearby, take a look and tell us what you find.

In the meantime, there is nothing to do but wait for either a confirmation or denial. We can't even imagine how much worse things will get for HD-DVD if this goes through.

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