Some games are just so popular online, the developers can't possibly ignore the need for new content. MotorStorm is one of those titles, as the off-road racer is getting two new tracks available for download on the PlayStation Store this Thursday in the UK.

First up is Diamondback Speedway, which puts players in an environment that includes the natural amphitheatre Yei Bichei. The second is Eagle's Nest, and as the title implies, we'll be flying along narrow passages skirting close to the edge of dangerous cliffs. You'll be able to pick up both of these packs (Double Track Pack) for the reasonable price of GBP 3.49, and if you're one of the many MotorStorm fans out there, it's a must-do. No word yet on whether or not we'll see these tracks here in North America, but there is the possibility for more – and different – content in the future. A game like this certainly deserves the extra stuff, wouldn't you say?

We're also anxiously awaiting any news of a possible sequel. We haven't heard anything about a MotorStorm 2 since the original's release, but we've got to assume that one is in the works. You can't ignore popularity.

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