Sony Online Entertainment and Emergent Technologies have announced a partnership that will let SOE use Emergent's Gamebryo technology to produce future titles for the PlayStation Store. The first games in the hopper are based on gameshow IPs and are currently scheduled to arrive before the Game Developers Conference next month.

"Our relationship with SOE aligns Emergent with the exploding casual, online games market and further demonstrates the range of leading entertainment properties and platforms that Gamebryo is capable of supporting. We are thrilled that SOE has chosen us as a technology provider for their studio," said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. "Gamebryo gives SOE's studio the flexibility to design a complete range of titles to address the millions of gamers currently active on the network."

There is another rumor going around – courtesy of EGM's January edition – that Sony has also signed another deal with a "major Japanese publisher" for more PSN games. And even though we have no confirmation on that, it still seems obvious that Sony intends to greatly expand on the Store's content in 2008. Enlisting Gamebryo is a good move, and one that should provide gamers with an appreciated level of diversity.

"Gamebryo gives us a great deal of flexibility in creating downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network," said Shalom Mann, Senior Vice President, SOE. "The codebase provides a solid foundation for our Downloadable Games Framework that allows us to bring a variety of different types of games to the PlayStation Network in a fraction of the time had we coded the base engine ourselves."

The PlayStation Network already has around 6 million registered users worldwide and can now be accessed via the PS3 and PSP. It's rapidly becoming loaded with all kinds of great content, ranging from videos and trailers to playable demos and full downloadable games. Let's hope we see even more PSN activity this year!

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