Yesterday, we brought you the news of the very first Devil May Cry 4 review, courtesy of the German edition of GamePro. But as it turns out, more foreign sources are turning up additional details of the highly anticipated title, and the two latest tidbits of info are pretty important.

First up, we had heard it would be optional to install a massive 5GB of data to the PS3's hard drive, but it seems this is not optional. If you want to play DMC4, you're going to have to load a big chunk onto the hard disk and just accept the fact you'll have a little less space on there. But the good news is that it completely erases any and all load times – or so we've heard – and it also sets the stage for something else: achievements. That's right, you will use the PSN for ranking modes, and you can also collect achievements in the game, just like you would in the Xbox Live version. This comes as good news to those 360 fans out there who like getting rewarded for a variety of different accomplishments and tasks.

Furthermore, Capcom has added motion-sensing controls for the Sixaxis. Obviously, you won't be using this feature for combat, but you can use it to control the camera. …perhaps we're confused, but isn't the camera in DMC titles always fixed? Well, either way, it'll be fun to toy around with. Devil May Cry 4 is currently scheduled to hit store shelves on February 5.

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