Rumors always surround exclusive titles, and the better the exclusive, the more insistent and widespread those rumors are. Therefore, when it comes to something as top-notch as BioWare's Mass Effect for the Xbox 360, the rumor that it's also coming to the PlayStation 3 simply won't die. It's kinda similar to the Bioshock on PS3 rumor.

But the Mass Effect PS3 idea gained more legitimacy when Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicted that the now EA-owned BioWare will be bringing the scheduled sci-fi RPG trilogy to the PS3. However, community coordinator of BioWare's forums and Mass Effect team member Chris Priestly has cleared things up a bit. In a recent post over at the official forums, he basically said they "could" make the game for the PS3, but they currently have no plans to do so.

"Sorry folks, this is just another rumor at this stage. *Could* BioWare make Mass Effect for the PS3 (or the PC, or some other platform) in the future? Yes we could, but we are not working on a PS3 version currently."

Well, there's certainly hope for PS3 owners, isn't there? With EA holding the publishing reins now, it almost seems inevitable, actually…but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

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