With every new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly comes a whole bunch of news, reviews, and our personal favorite, rumors. We'll get the news out of the way first for the latest edition of the popular magazine, just because there's nothing all that earth-shattering.

First of all, that remake of NiGHTS Into Dreams for the PS2 will not be making its way to North America, and we figured that'd be the case. Secondly, we learn a few things we had already heard about before EGM dropped the announcements- Resistance 2 will feature vehicles in its multiplayer mode, and Treyarch is back in the driver's seat for Call of Duty 5 (Infinity Ward, after making an absolutely fantastic fourth entry, is bailing, for some reason). Thirdly and lastly, it seems Gears of War 2 will have a heavier emphasis on the storyline and the atmosphere will be "darker." Well, we have complete faith in Epic, so no problems there.

Now, some rumors: it seems Guitar Hero is popular enough to spawn not one, not two, not even three, but four sequels, all scheduled for this year! That's right, Guitar Hero 4 , Guitar Hero Aerosmith , and two others that are currently unnamed should actually hit in 2008. On the Xbox Live front, Microsoft has apparently canceled a XBLA release of Goldeneye 007 at the last minute, which won't go over well with Bond fans. There's a better rumor for Sony's PlayStation Network, as they supposedly have joined forces with a "major Japanese publisher" to remake old classics for the Store. Finally, there's a rumor that's probably very true, and that involves the next Shin Megami Tensei title getting an exclusive release on the PlayStation 3.

There are some reviews in there, too – as always – but the only game worthy of mentioning is Burnout Paradise , which garnered three 9s and took home the Game of the Month Award. EGM saw fit to only give 2 8s and an 8.5 to Unreal Tournament 3 , but…well, they don't know what they're talking about. So just forget those scores.

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