A few weeks back, I reported that Sony has registered
Resistance 2 and that perhaps we may be hearing something about
the game soon. It has come to my attention that an alleged image
of Resistance 2 is circling around the net right now, thanks to
blogger Surfer Girl. Now, I've seen the image, and it's nothing
special. Simply because it's a raw screenshot of an incomplete
environment that features little to no visual touches, and is
merely a barren and unlayered environment that is of absolutely
no indication of what the actual product will look like.

CG motion-pictures such as Shrek and Toy Story all start out with
dull, textureless environments and characters, with no lighting
effects to speak of. Same goes for videogames. And it isn't until
later builds of games that the code begins to come together and
form the final image. In fact, Insomniac has purposely published
incomplete images of Resistance, bundled with complete ones of
the same environments, to demonstrate the creation of the game.
You can check those original Resistance

– scroll over the incomplete
stuff and it'll switch to the final product.

That said, I'll refrain from posting the alleged Resistance 2
shot, so as to not contribute to the hysteria – it's completely
unnecessary. Insomniac Games has yet to fail us, and you can bet
your bottom dollar that Resistance 2 will go down as one of the
prettiest games this generation.

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