Devil May Cry 4 will probably be the first must-have game of 2008, although it won't arrive until February 5. However, it appears the German edition of GamePro has already reviewed the massively anticipated action title, and a forumite over at NeoGAF has listed out the details , which are most encouraging. No, it didn't top 90, but the breakdown shows us a few big positives we had definitely expected.

First off, in case you're too lazy to hit the link, here's the final rundown-


Overall: 85/100

As for some of the negatives, the magazine says the graphics are "sometimes too bright" (despite being great the whole way 'round, we assume), there are a few "repeating tracks" in the sound, the control can get a bit "chaotic," and there's a lot of backtracking and "no innovation" in the game design. Now, we're not entirely sure what GamePro would be looking for in terms of innovation, considering Capcom has solidified the DMC foundation years ago. All they do is build upon it; this isn't supposed to be an entirely new game, and we wouldn't want it to be, either.

They also say the game can get a little tedious, but that was true of the previous entry in the series as well. DMC has never been for the faint of heart – save that lame second installment – so if you're not a true action fan, you will likely have some difficulty with DMC4. Either way, though, the game will most certainly be kick-ass awesome, so it's gonna come highly recommended. 85/100 is great, but we doubt it'll be the highest score you'll see for this one…

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