We've seen plenty of games that featured a ton of blood in the past. It'd be difficult to name them all, in fact, but it's very possible that we haven't seen the most brutal depictions of violence just yet. No, there could be a new winner in the "ultimate blood-letting" category come March, and its name is Dark Sector .

First off, Games Radar has been playing an early build of the game, and they report that despite a huge number of bugs (all of which should disappear before the final product arrives), the game is both promising and gritty as all hell. We'll be using the over-the-shoulder aiming view we all enjoyed in Resident Evil 4 , but even RE4 has nothing on Dark Sector when it comes to "splash damage" via impact. There's just blood everywhere, apparently, and perhaps this is due in part to the invention of the Glaive. The nasty weapon is similar to a giant ninja star crossed with a boomerang, and has the capability of shearing off limbs and heads. Combine the Glaive with a "disturbing level of detail," and you've got a game that gore aficionados are just going to adore.

If you want more details on the Glaive, check out the latest developer interview where they talk at great length about the conception and implementation of the weapon. Dark Sector is definitely going to live and die with the Glaive. In the video, you'll get a sneak peak at what you'll be able to do with it…and just that little bit is enough to make your stomach churn. The possibilities are endless, and if you toss in a ridiculous level of blood spatter, we could be looking at the bloodiest of the bloody. Initially intended for this month, the game is now scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March. It could be well worth looking into, provided you haven't eaten much before playing.

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