We're all looking forward to this year's Game Developer's Conference, especially because there's something new this year: one heck of a keynote speaker.

Ray Kurzweil, author, entrepreneur and general pinnacle of individual success, will deliver this year's keynote entitled, "The Next 20 Years of Gaming." The man has already produced multiple best-selling books and is responsible for inventing the flatbed scanner, but as you can see by the picture here, that isn't all. If you check out his gigantic Wikipedia page , you'll learn more…a lot more. This guy is a bona fide self-employed leader of men.

By the age of 15, he had already written his first computer program to process statistical data. IBM discovered it and found it so useful they began to distribute it to researchers, but that wasn't the only thing Kurzweil did in high school. He later created a sophisticated pattern-recognition software program that analyzed musical pieces of classical music composers. Using this new software, he then synthesized his own songs using a similar style. This earned Ray a trip to the CBS TV show, "I've Got A Secret," where he performed a piano piece composed by a computer…a computer he just so happened to have built himself. Before college, he had been recognized by the Westinghouse Talent Search and was personally congratulated by President Lyndon B. Johnson. So, what did you do during high school?

It was during his sophomore year at MIT (seriously, where else would a guy like this go?) that he created his first real money-maker. It was another computer program designed to match high school students with appropriate colleges. It was called the Select College Consulting Program, and when Kurzweil was only 20, he sold it to Harcourt for $100,000 (about $500,000 by today's standards). The rest of his achievements and accomplishments would take a really long time to write, but you get the gist. Rumor has it Kurzweil is also a great speaker, so we're definitely looking forward to this keynote. The GDC 2008 just got a whole lot more interesting!

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