When it comes to release dates in 2008, it has become one giant game of "he-says, she-says," with virtually no official clarification whatsoever. One of the affected titles is Ubisoft and Free Radical Design's highly anticipated PS3 exclusive FPS, Haze .

Originally scheduled for Fall 2007 and then pushed into 2008, we've seen at least three or four different release dates for this one in the past few weeks. Most recently, we heard a rumor that the game might actually arrive on January 18 in the UK, but almost immediately after, Ubisoft's official site listed the game with an August 2008 release estimate. And now, the mystery deepens- the official PlayStation site has given Haze a new release date: March 2008 . At this point, we honestly have no idea which of these dates are accurate, primarily because Ubisoft hasn't shed any light on the conundrum. However, it really doesn't seem likely the UK will get this game in only a couple weeks time…we might be able to call that "inaccurate" at this point.

But is March or August a more realistic time? We'd like to think we'll see it in March – the sooner the better, of course – but it's impossible to know for certain. Let's hope this gets cleared up ASAP.

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