By now, everyone has heard of multiple release dates for the biggest titles of 2008. GameStop has a June 17 date for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , we've seen numerous dates from multiple sources (ranging from February through April) for Grand Theft Auto IV , and Killzone 2 is all over the place. But a whole bunch of new dates have just arrived courtesy of Best Buy and TheSixthAxis.

It's a list of upcoming titles for 2008, and it includes all the aforementioned games plus many more. If it's accurate – and they do say the dates are "subject to change" – this means the schedule is as follows for this year's biggest blockbusters:

The DMC4 date is probably true, but this is the first we're seeing of HSG5. We knew SCEA was shooting for March for a US release, and it seems they'll make it (hopefully). Also, Best Buy clearly holds the same dates as GameStop for GTAIV and MGS4 – April 1 and June 17 respectively – so that's good evidence. But we're definitely wondering about that Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet release of April 7…it sounds great, but recent news may indicate neither title will hit that early. Isn't Guerilla supposed to do a beta for Killzone 2 ? A beta we still haven't heard about yet and certainly hasn't begun?

Well, anyway, take from this what you will. We'll try to nail down some official dates ASAP.

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