The original Just Cause was a game that managed to play a little like Grand Theft Auto IV yet still remained fresh and somewhat innovative. If it weren't for the significant technical issues, it would've been a great title. Well, maybe Swedish developer Avalanche will clear those up for the sequel, which was just recently unveiled.

According to an interview with PSW magazine, the game's lead designer Peter Johansson talked about improving on the initial concept and making the world bigger and better than ever before.

"We identified the key areas we wanted to improve for Just Cause 2," said Johansson. "We wanted to make better use of our huge game world, enhance the stunts, improve the combat and reward exploration more."

In more details, the sequel will take place in a tropical location near South East Asia, which will certainly be a bit different than the island in the original (San Esperitio). Rico Rodriguez is returning to kick more ass, but he won't be able to spend all his free time doing side missions. Johansson says the team has abandoned the idea of a lot of extra quests outside the main story, primarily because he wants Just Cause 2 to stand out. In our minds, a well-done sandbox game "stands out" just fine, but if they want to make it more linear, so be it.

Last but not least, the sequel has been confirmed for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We'll bring you more details on this interesting title when they become available.

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